"Vermont is in the northeastern USA, and it is one of the six states called New England.
Its winter can seem to be the coldest and snowiest, its spring the wettest and muddiest,
its summer the hottest and most humid but its autumn makes it the most tongue-lapping,
tail-wagging beautiful place in the world. I wouldn't  want to live anywhere else!"
"Gotta look both ways because some humans
don't read signs"
"I'm in MY bed in MY room with MY favorite
"It's hunting season so I have to wear my
"DON"T SHOOT ME" shirt"
"I love to roll in the grass on my back and kick
my feet in the air!"
"There's nothing more relaxing than being in a
cool, freshly dug hole on a hot summer day!"
"This is my front yard where I practice agility. Vermont is very hilly and my home is on the side of
a hill  -  not much flat lawn for my Dad and me to practice on!"
"That's the back of my home. Mom and Dad
designed and helped build it many years
before I arrived!"