Brae's Album
Brae is the 4th dog to grace our life together. The death of each of our preceding companions did not make it easier to accept the
passing of the next. And so it was after Breezy's death in June 2008 that we felt that we could not bear the grief of losing another.
But, we discovered that we could not bear the emptiness, the isolation, and the loneliness of not having that loving, unselfish
friendship that only a dog can provide. Brae has renewed our spirit.   
Our search for another Beardie started late in 2008. There were several heartbreaking occasions of almost getting a puppy that had us
wondering if it wasn't meant to be. Even an 8 hour drive from our Vermont home to Ann Lord's home in Canada and being able to
hold our 6 week old puppy didn't convince us that he was really ours. It wasn't until we brought him home 2 weeks later in July 2009
that we knew Brae was to be a part of our lives just as Muffin, Daisy and Breezy had been before.
Brae's story is just beginning to unfold. We hope to be adding pictures with comments far into the future. Come back to visit often to
view Brae grow and to view our bonding grow, too.
Ann Lord with Brae
July 2009
Lu with Brae
July 2009
The pictures of Ann Lord and Lu with Brae were
taken in New Brunswick, Canada, the day before
we brought him to our home in Vermont. We
thought that leaving his littermates and riding 8
hours in the car would be traumatic for Brae, but
he slept the entire way except for 3 potty breaks.
The pictures are of Brae the
first day in his yard. He quickly
discovered Breezy's old hole
and made it his own.
July 2009
We are firm believers in socializing our dogs so
puppy kindergarten and obedience classes are
mandatory. Also, shopping trips include Brae with
Lu shopping while Brae and Jerry stake out a spot
on the sidewalk to greet passersby.
Brae outside the Lebanon, NH,
Food Coop
November 2009
Brae being informed of the
House Rules by Jerry
August 2009
Brae in his chair
October 2009
Brae loves toys, and he treats them with
care. Many of the toys he has had since day
1 are still in playable condition though
some required Lu to perform minor surgery.
July 2009
August 2009
Brae and the Saturday morning
Animal Planet dog show
August 2009
Brae by garden Beardie
September 2009
Brae in the back yard
October 2009
Brae, Bramley's Green Mountain Boy, was sired by Val Maloney's Am/Can CH Tolkien Haven of Eldar, HIC, CGC (Traveler) and
his dam is Ann Lord's Bramley's Hidden Applause (Sadie).
No walk in the meadow is complete without
Brae bringing home a stick. Brae is wearing
his hunting season coat.
November 2009
Brae by our driveway Beardie sign.
September 2009